The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread lockdowns across the world, therefore, all of us are called to row together. At these uncertain times, we hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe, and we decide to at launch as our online wholesale market, with the intuitive to generate the need of new, unique, functional, special products with a wholesale price. Plus, we reward the consumers who run NON-PROFIT brands OEM, ODM, stores with a selective wide range of COVID-19 related products like Medical surge mask, hand sanitizers, protective gown with FREE of CHARGE. It needs us to come together to get through this, we do know how, but we will get through this, together. 

Our response to the COVID-19 are as follow. To help individual consumers to get their handy merchandise in the lowest of wholesale even factory price, to help small E-commerce sellers, stores, or bloggers to get their messages out with OEM options, to full fill specialty boutiques, website owners and other independent resellers sources amazing products at a wholesale prices, our arm open widely to accept partnership enquiries, register to sell and donations, we encourage you to check out Transmartgate’s response to the COVID-19 and see more on our efforts and how you and how you can help.

Benefits of Transmartgate:

1. Sign up for one account on Transmartgate and access wholesale pricing on thousands of amazing products and brands.

2. We offer Net 90 terms to qualified buyers so that you can have a financing relief while you are trying to feed your family or generating your audience for sales. NOTE: not all buyers will qualify for financing.

3. We have a massive selection of products; every month have one or a couple of new innovation products featured on our site.

4. We reward the tight suppliers related to life, like COVID-19 related products with FREE OF CHARGE!