It Is Our Time To Serve

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread lockdowns across the world. At these uncertain times, we hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe, and we decide to at launch as our online wholesale market, with the intuitive to reward the consumers a selective wide range of COVID-19 related products like Medical surge mask, hand sanitizers, etc. with FREE of CHARGE.

We are open partnerships:  

Individuals who want to open online store, but need our virtual fulfillment and merchandises support.
Organizations who need anti-Virus suppliers, bulk purchases or donations.
Brands who are focusing marketing and sales, need one-step shopping products producing and quality control, we do the “dirty” work for you.
Stores and Distributors who are seeking OEM, ODM, net 90 days financing and local customer support.
Bond Smart Warehouse for duty/freight saving, FBA, drop shipping, 21-90 days free of charge storages.

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Combat COVID-19
Live at Home Life

While coronavirus pandemic forced worldwide lockdown ,we decide to launch this website for the staying at home life style, most of our home inspired boutique items with the COVID-19 related essential products give away with free of charge.

TOGETHER, please join us to buy/sell the monthly hero items to service the local community.


Essential Home shop

Product is affordable, I love gifts. I've seen you grow and have witnessed the changes from minor updates to major updates. Thanks for doing what you do, thanks picking excellent product catalog, and thanks for the help you give.


Random Shopper

Wow what an amazing website! seamless shopping experiences with fashionable taste of products. Their portable blenders are small and exquisite, lightweight but powerful. Even amazing I’d love to use it more than the home blender in my kitchen.


Wholesale Business Owner

I would just like to say a few words. I have found their service are extraordinary. They response any concerns quickly with nicely tone. I feel assured shopping in this site, and I believe can keep growing with faith.


Husband and two kids daddy

I’m so glad I decided to go with, now I’ve converted it to my own small business. Their products are dedicated and in good quality, My family, my friends, and my neighborhood like the products I pick from for them!I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for all the support you give when I filled out my address wrong. 


Stay home mom

Easy to use; I appreciate business who thinks from my interest. They provide appealing products with good price and many options. What’s more, I received medical protective package from them, they told me don’t forget to wear masks during outside walk. That’s so sweet. I have no excuse not to shop here again.
Keep up the great work and thanks! YOU SO ROCK!!!! 


Random Shopper

Like many other people, I won’t trust a new place I don’t know, after all, who knows if my money will be gone, the product explodes, or it disappears in another day. But Jesus!! Their products look too good, and people are so passionate. these people has a great lifestyle and know how to delight life, I love their products,  This is real, and I do recommend that they worth being trusted.